What is Blk Women Heard All About?

Welcome to the blog of an aspiring journalist who just can’t get enough of writing about the things that matter in this world while simultaneously uplifting the most disrespected, unprotected, and neglected human being–the Black woman!

You’ve been directed to this blog because you believe in the power of words. You believe in the magnitude of the Black woman’s voice, and you want to contribute to the manifestation of them both!

On this blog you will see opinion pieces, poetry, essays, short stories, etc because writing is a gift I can use to share the perspectives of the Black woman. It’s time that we are finally heard.

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Photo of founder Aura Shakhar

Meet the Founder

My name is Aura Shakhar. I am an aspiring journalist from Memphis, TN. I created this blog as a public display of my love for Black women and writing all wrapped up in one. I hope you will stick with me on my journey in journalism.

Origins of Blk Women Heard

As a Black woman, I have been raised to look at myself as the Queen I am. I have always had my opinions about things, but often times those valuable opinions would be muffled under the loud sounds of white supremacy and patriarchy. With this blog, I plan to blast the voices of Blk women. This is a space where us as Blk women don’t have to minimize our struggles. This is place where we can magnify our opinions, experiences and support one another.

Blk- I chose to abreviate the word Black because it shows the generation I come from, which is a bold, youthful, and tradition breaking group of theys, shes, and hes.

Women- I chose Blk women because this includes Blk trans women, Blk cis-women, and Blk non-binary beings who identify with the struggle of the Blk woman. This blog is about vocalizing the struggle of a group of beings that society likes to put into one silent box.

Heard- This blog is a platform for Blk women to be loved, praised, supported, and unapologetically vocal about what we go through despite society not wanting to listen.