Activist Work v.s. Spiritual Work

Image taken from VeryWell Mind

Since experiencing an uprooting in my life, I have began a spiritual journey that has allowed me to see the world in a different light. By spiritual journey I mean I have decided to dedicate my spiritual work to reaching enlightenment. Everything that I once thought of as meaningful in my life I now question. I specifically question the root of the things that I once thought were meaningful and whether those things have that same meaning or even a meaning at all. One of those things is activist work.

I am not a historian. I only know about the history that I have been taught or researched independently. I do honor the bravery that came from my ancestors and those who put their lives on the line today in the name of activism. But there is no denying the fact that there is something about activism that gives off a kind of low vibrational energy. I mean activist work is fighting against something or someone in order to gain something that we, minorities, think we deserve, so we act on those thoughts via our own perception of activism. It’s almost a never ending fight for what minorities deserve because there will always be someone else who thinks minorities don’t deserve what they are fighting for and will act on those thoughts as well via their own perception of activism. But what’s the actual root of it all ? What’s the point if we are only playing a game of unfair tennis? It’s pretty simple: thinking is related to ego and humans don’t know how to operate outside of ego.

Ego is not just a sense of entitlement. It actually refers to a sense of self identity that the mind has created. Meaning the phrase “I think therefore I am” stated by the philosopher named Descartes is actually not all that true but we allow our minds to trick us into believe it is true.

Spiritual work is letting go of identifying as a thinker meaning you are letting go of identifying with your thoughts. With letting go of identifying with your thoughts, you are letting go of being defined by social constructs, being defined by thoughts that others have put in your mind, and being defined by emotions that are tied with thoughts. Then, you are tapping into simply “being,” as put by Eckhart Tolle in The Power of Now.

We live in a world full of traumatized people, who continue to live their life through the perspective of internalized trauma via their mind. This mindset is referred to as the “trauma mind” by psychologists. Basically, since many of us have experienced instances of neglect, pain, and suffering, without the proper tools to healthily disconnect from those traumas, we hold on to them in our mind. And because many of us are unconscious of our thoughts, we find ourselves trapped in those thoughts by subconsciously acting on them instead of observing them as thoughts we have power over.

Moreover, not only are a lot of us plagued with trauma mind, a lot of our minds have taken over the present self. Instead of us being mindful of the moment right in front of us, we are inside of our minds getting lost in our past by way of thoughts and immersing ourselves in the pain that is connected with those thoughts. A lot of the activist work that is being done is also rooted in this trauma mind, which is why it will never work and only keep us divided, unhappy and vibrating in low vibrational frequencies.

The way that we are going to be able to change the world is by evolving away from activist work, trying to fix others, and dive into internal spiritual work. We as a people, collectively, need to take personal responsibility in healing the internal damage that is keeping us segregated by mind and only then will we truly feel connected with one another as beings on this Earth and truly joyful.

When we are conscious, we are aware of everything from our thoughts to our environment. We are able to sit back as an observer of our thoughts rather than acting on them as if those thoughts define our state of being. With consciousness, we no longer feel obligated to honor our thoughts by identifying with them. We see them as simple thoughts that we hold power over as divine beings. We become truly enlightened.

I’m not saying we should stop thinking all together. Thinking is beautiful and creative and necessary in some instances. I am saying that thinking has begun to bleed into everything we do, it has taken control and has destroyed our very essence as human beings. Instead, I encourage us to establish a new way of thinking about our thinking. I encourage us to turn inward as a way to move into a new phase of the human experience that encourages higher vibrations, peace, and love.

For more information on consciousness, enlightenment, and spiritual work, I recommend the book mentioned before The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I hope this message resonates with someone today.

Peace and Love,


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