By Aura Shakhar

Photo taken from Truthout (Creator Hollie Adams)

Just because I blossomed later doesn’t make me less.

I am still the flower that needs water my water to grow.

The fact that you can’t see what I’ve already seen all my life is not my mess.

If it takes until I am age 33 for my boobs to finally show,

Then let that be known, but at least I will finally be a woman… right?

There is gender and there is sex.

Two words made to put one human in a box and one human in the next,

But this plan backfired because there are humans just like me,

Humans who were born into the wrong reality.

There were humans like me who need a little more assistance being who they are truly meant to be.

I am a work of art.

Yes, my body was cut and carved in part but that doesn’t change my heart.

I have always been that of a woman and she has always been me.

It’s not my job to force you to see that, babe.

I’m gonna be who ever the f*ck I wanna be!

To my fellow flowers out there,

Who are blossoming late.

There’s no shame in who you are,

And don’t give the haters the satisfaction of taking the bait.


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