The Blog is Still Young (Letter from Aura)

Everyone deserves to drop off the face of the Earth every once in a while. I took the opportunity to do exactly that. Toward the end of last year, I stopped everything I was juggling in 2020 to take care of myself. One of those things was my blog.

I took on this blog at a time when I had so much time on my hands. But when I got back to school, I realized how taxing it is being a full time college student. I was trying to stay sane while doing two internships, working for the school’s newspaper, founding and running an activist group, indulging in extracurriculars, and fighting to stay on the Dean’s list.

School, however, is not where I will be for the rest of my life. Thus, I can’t make it my entire life. I refuse to take away any of the magic and fire I originally brought to this blog. Black Women Heard deserves to blossom for the Black girls and women out there who feel like they are screaming into a vacuum. (Trust me, I hear you, Queen. You are supported. I won’t let you down.)

Although this blog will not guarantee content weekly, I vow to use my free time not only for myself but continuing to work on the things that make me truly happy, especially writing. So whenever this blog is a little quiet, don’t think the person behind it has given up. I am only brewing more content. Therefore, I ask that you all please continue to stick with me and support Black Women Heard.

Thank you,

Aura Shakhar

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